Why Employment Contracts are Essential for Employee and Employer? | Texas Employment Law Pt.2

In this video, spencer covers what to include in your contract, and discuss the confidentiality issue. Having a employment lawyer by your side is extremely essential either you are a employee or an employer. Sul Lee Law firm will start with reviewing the contracts and help you through the whole employment process, contact us today!

0:25 What to include in an Employment Contract

1:23 Confidentiality

1:50 Non-Competes

1:58 Why you need Lawyer for Employment Contracts?

3:10 Conclusion

Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only and does not provide legal advice. This video is intended for both employees and employers. ——————————————————– “We liberate business from disputes so they can grow and challenge the world” Learn more about Sul Lee Law Firm and our work on https://www.sulleelaw.com/