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In addition to the global constraints affecting semiconductor companies, various semiconductor and high-tech companies in the United States are gaining prominence in the market. Korean semiconductor-related companies, including Samsung, SK, Hyundai, DongAh, NC Soft, VGIX, as well as numerous distributors and supply chains, are actively expanding. Moreover, suppliers to various conglomerates are also experiencing substantial growth. Furthermore, the trend is not limited to the influx of Korean corporations into Texas, but also includes several major U.S. companies such as Tesla, Oracle, Caterpillar, and Hewlett Packard, which are relocating to Texas, specifically to Taylor, Austin, Irving, and Dallas.

Sul Lee Law Firm is a business law firm specializing in commercial law for corporations, offering customized legal services across a wide spectrum of areas. These include business law, corporate law, employment law, intellectual property (IP), litigation, and commercial real estate law. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, our firm is dedicated to providing tailored legal support to Korean companies, ensuring optimized legal solutions.

At Sul Law Firm, we serve numerous Korean manufacturers and service providers, offering a comprehensive range of legal services and business advice to Korean companies expanding into the United States. Our team consists of 8 lawyers with significant cultural diversity. Principal attorney Ms. Lee, in conjunction with our team of lawyers and staff, is not only fluent in both English and Korean but also holds a profound understanding and extensive experience in Korean corporate culture. This expertise ensures that we deliver top-tier legal services to Korean companies.

Practice Areas & Specialities
Business Law & Corporate Law

We possess extensive expertise in the field of business law and corporate law to support the business activities of Korean companies. Our team offers professional legal assistance in various areas, including company formation, contract drafting, corporate structure design, mergers, and acquisitions (M&A), capital raising, and a multitude of other services.

Incorporation & New Entrants

We partner with Korean companies seeking to establish an optimal corporate presence in the United States. The process of incorporation is a pivotal step for Korean corporations venturing into the U.S. market. Our law firm specializes in tailoring legal strategies to align with the unique aspirations and objectives of Korean companies, ensuring the creation of an ideal corporate structure that suits their needs and goals.

We further assist Korean companies in the transition to U.S. subsidiaries or the enhancement of existing entities. Our approach involves a careful examination of the client’s business model and objectives, allowing us to tailor and optimize the corporate structure. Additionally, we furnish comprehensive legal guidance and advice to ensure the seamless operation of the corporation.

With our profound understanding of the U.S. incorporation process and legal requirements, we have expertise in the different types of entities. In addition, we work closely with clients to complete all procedures and documents necessary for incorporation, and thoroughly manage legal issues that may arise during the incorporation process.

Contract Drafting & Reviewing

Conducting business activities in the United States involve a variety of legal requirements related to contracts in English. Our team of bilingual lawyers offers professional contract drafting and review services in both English and Korean to help Korean companies conclude correct and legally sound contracts. Our lawyers understand the different types of contracts and carefully review important clauses to help Korean companies minimize contractual risks and maximize profits.

Construction & Development Contracts

With our in-depth knowledge and experience in drafting construction and development contracts, we put the interests of our clients first, and we have successfully led a variety of projects, including the establishment of factories and equipment. Through close cooperation with companies, we advise on the establishment of production-related factories and solve construction-related issues quickly and effectively.

  • Construction Contracts: We oversee everything from drafting construction contracts, managing the implementation process, and resolving legal issues accordingly. We support every step of the way to ensure the successful completion of each construction project.
  • Development Agreements: Understand the different aspects of development agreements and help you resolve legal issues for development projects.
  • Establishment of factories and equipment: Draft contracts for factory construction and equipment installation, resolve legal issues, and carry out the overall management of the project.
  • Production-related factory establishment: We support factory establishment projects to improve production efficiency and grow business.
Human Resources & Employment Law (Labor Law Advisory)

To assist Korean corporations with U.S.-based employment matters, our firm offers comprehensive legal guidance and support on a wide range of employment law issues. Our services encompass labor law compliance, employment contract drafting, addressing wage-related concerns, handling employment-related disputes, and facilitating employee terminations.

Korean companies face a variety of issues related to employment due to the differences between employment laws in Korea and the United States. Our firm boasts a dedicated team of employment lawyers specializing in Korean companies’ needs. We offer invaluable legal counsel and assistance to Korean companies, aiding them in effectively navigating their employment matters within the United States.

Business Litigation

Our experienced litigation lawyers provide strong litigation support and representation for Korean corporations. Litigation is an important part of resolving legal disputes that companies face. Sometimes, language and cultural differences can make the litigation process complex and challenging. Our law firm is composed of lawyers who are fluent in Korean and English to overcome this language barrier. In addition, we are composed of lawyers with specialized legal knowledge and experience related to U.S. litigation procedures, helping Korean companies to achieve the best results in their litigation proceedings.

Our accomplished legal team specializes in a broad spectrum of litigation areas, covering contract disputes, employment conflicts, intellectual property issues, and commercial litigation. Our litigation attorneys craft strategic approaches with great care to fully safeguard our clients’ interests. We are committed to delivering customized legal solutions that address our clients’ unique needs.

Our goal is to help Korean companies achieve the best possible outcome in their litigation process. We work closely with our clients to develop the optimal strategy for each situation and provide a robust legal response. We are also skilled in a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, which are non-litigation solutions, helping clients realize their interests faster and more cost-effectively.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Our law firm has extensive experience in the field of commercial real estate. We provide professional legal advice and representation on a variety of commercial real estate issues, including drafting real estate contracts, breach of contract, dispute resolution, real estate transactions, and tenant-landlord relationships.

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

We specialize in delivering top-tier legal support to safeguard the intellectual property rights of Korean companies. Our services include expert guidance on a range of intellectual property-related concerns, such as trademark and patent registration, copyright protection, and the establishment of non-disclosure agreements. Furthermore, we offer thorough support throughout the necessary procedures and documentation, guaranteeing the protection and security of your intellectual property.

Sul Lee Law Firm: Your U.S. Market Success Partner with Local Advantage

1. Language and Cultural Understanding: Many lawyers at Sul Law Firm are fluent in both Korean and English, with a deep understanding of Korean firms’ language and culture. This expertise facilitates effective communication and mutual understanding with Korean companies, enhancing our legal services.

2. Industry Expertise: Our legal team has provided legal services to Korean companies in various industries such as automobiles and related parts, consumer goods, electronics, manufacturing, IT, and fashion and beauty industries. We understand the unique challenges and requirements faced by Korean companies. In addition, we leverage our industry-specific expertise to deliver tailored legal solutions, ensuring that Korean companies receive the specialized support they deserve.

3. Local Network: The firm is located in Texas, USA, and maintains a close network of local lawyers in the United States. This allows us to provide our clients with local legal and business information, and to work with local lawyers as needed to achieve more effective outcomes.

4. Comprehensive Legal Services: Our lawyers are deeply knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of areas, including business, corporate, employment, intellectual property (IP), litigation, and commercial real estate law. Our attorneys conduct thorough analysis and investigation of legal issues and provide strategic legal advice and responses to the client’s benefit.

5. Proactive support and risk management: We take a proactive approach to help you before litigation, claims and disputes with employees become serious. Our attorneys provide strategic advice, minimizing litigation risk and maximizing profits.

6. Customer-centric approach: We always put our customers’ needs and goals first. We build strong relationships based on trust and understanding and provide individualized service and prompt responses.

7. Personalized legal services: Our law firm provides legal services tailored to the individual needs and goals of Korean companies. We work closely with clients to understand their business models and goals, develop optimal legal strategies, maximize their profits, and provide the best legal services for successful expansion into the United States.

Unlock Exceptional Legal Services for Korean
Companies with Our Texas-Based Corporate Lawyers

We specialize in delivering expert legal services to facilitate the seamless expansion of Korean companies into the thriving Texan market. Our proficient lawyers are bilingual in Korean and English, ensuring not only linguistic but also cultural fluency, guaranteeing you the best possible support.

Should you seek consultation, do not hesitate to reach out. Sul Law Firm stands as your steadfast local ally, dedicated to the success and growth of Korean companies in the U.S. market. Any inquiries or questions can be directed to us at admin@sulleelaw.com or through our law firm’s Korean language service at 214-206-4064.

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