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The Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC advises Korean-American-owned and international companies doing business in Texas on structuring their business operations. If you are expanding a foreign business in the U.S. you need the strategic representation of a local counsel. Our international business law attorneys understand the challenges of international trade and will work to help you achieve your objectives. Call our Dallas office today to schedule a consultation. 

Comprehensive Legal Services for International Business Clients

At Sul Lee Law Firm, we recognize the complexities that arise when conducting business on a global scale. Engaging in international trade requires a deep understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and ethical landscapes prevalent in contemporary global markets. 

With our knowledge and experience, we are well-equipped to guide you through the significant challenges associated with international trade law, licensing, and foreign direct investment. Our firm offers comprehensive international law services tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, including:

  • Establishing international businesses – We assist Asian-based and international companies setting up in Texas, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, and navigating the intricacies of cross-border transactions.
  • Expanding foreign businesses domestically – Our firm advises Asian-based and other international companies on expanding their operations in Texas and throughout the U.S., helping them navigate the legal framework, regulatory requirements, and cultural nuances specific to American markets.
  • Drafting international business contracts –  We have extensive experience drafting well-conceived agreements that facilitate international business transactions while addressing the unique legal considerations associated with cross-border deals.
  • Licensing and distribution agreements – Our international business lawyers can assist you in negotiating and drafting licensing and distribution agreements, helping you gain access to the intended markets and protecting your intellectual property rights. 
  • Joint ventures – We provide guidance and support in structuring joint ventures between domestic and foreign entities, helping clients leverage synergies, manage risks, and maximize their business opportunities.
  • Contract disputes – In the event of contractual disputes, our firm offers skilled legal representation to protect your interests and achieve favorable outcomes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.
  • Business planning We collaborate with clients to develop comprehensive business strategies that align with their international expansion goals, taking into account legal, regulatory, and market considerations.
  • Corporate transactions – Our firm assists clients in navigating complex corporate transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, and strategic alliances, ensuring compliance with relevant domestic and international regulations.
  • Contracts with foreign manufacturers – Our local counsel provides guidance in negotiating and drafting contracts, addressing key provisions, intellectual property rights, quality control, and other critical aspects to protect your business interests.
  • Employment contracts – Our legal team can help you draft employment contracts that adhere to the applicable labor laws and regulations, while also considering cross-border employment issues and the specific needs of your international workforce.
  • Non-compete agreements – We assist clients in creating non-compete agreements that protect their trade secrets and prevent employees or business partners from engaging in competitive activities that could harm their business interests.
  • International investments – Our attorneys offer comprehensive legal advice and support for international investments, helping Asian-American-owned and Texas businesses navigate investment regulations, mitigate risks, and achieve their financial objectives.
  • Business structuring – We assist clients in determining the optimal legal structure for their international business operations, considering factors such as tax efficiency, liability protection, and operational flexibility.

Navigating the complexities of international business requires a deep understanding of the legal, cultural, and economic nuances inherent in different markets. With our experience and commitment to providing exceptional legal services, Sul Lee Law Firm can help your business overcome these challenges and succeed in the global marketplace.

Why Sul Lee PLLC Offers the Best International Business Law Solutions?

Working with our international business law attorneys when entering U.S. and foreign markets is a wise choice. You can depend on us to help you navigate various business procedures and make informed decisions. At Sul Lee Law Firm, we offer the following benefits to help grow your international business:

  • Strategic Representation – Expanding operations in the U.S. and doing business in Texas presents significant legal challenges that are often underestimated. As your local counsel, our knowledge of Asian culture and Texas law can help you navigate these challenges. 
  • Drafting Well-Conceived Contracts – Having well-crafted agreements in place for every business transaction is crucial for protecting your interests. Failure to do so can lead to legal complications and potential issues down the line. Our services include thorough contract review and drafting, ensuring that no crucial details are overlooked or left to chance.
  • Managing Risk – Risk is inherent in any business venture. Anticipating and preparing for potential risks can help to mitigate their impact. Our international business lawyers can help to mitigate the risks of conducting business in Texas and complying with applicable laws.
  • Resolving Disputes – In the event of disputes with vendors, clients, or business partners, our experienced lawyers are well-prepared to protect your rights. This may involve drafting agreements to clarify terms or resolving conflicts through mediation, arbitration, or litigation in state and federal court.

Trust Sul Lee Law Firm to help you make informed decisions whether you are doing business in Texas or internationally. Above all, we will offer trustworthy advice and guidance and work strategically to protect your interests. 

Experience the Benefits of International Business Law Representation with Sul Lee PLLC

We have a wealth of experience helping clients in Texas and Asia navigate the complexities of domestic markets. When you become our client, you will be confident with our international business lawyers on your side. Contact our experienced Texas Local Counsel today to book a consultation.

The Sul Lee Law Firm, PLLC assists clients throughout Dallas, Texas, and internationally in Asia with all of their international business, disputes, contracts, and risk management needs. We have helped clients in Plano, Richardson, Fort Worth, Irving, Frisco, Carrollton, Taylor, Garland County, Collin County, and South Korea understand the global market and resolve their business problems.