Legal conflicts can happen for any business. When they do crop up, they can be incredibly frustrating–not to mention costly and time-consuming. Having a Dallas business litigation attorney on your side can make it easier to navigate the complex legal conflicts and snarls that may come your way.


A business litigation attorney can offer legal assistance to help protect your company and your interests when a legal conflict arises that pertains to your business. You may need to sue another company or an outside party for failing to take care of their legal responsibilities to you, or you may need to defend against charges from another entity. A business attorney can review relevant contracts, put together solid arguments on your behalf, and represent your best interests, all of which will work together to protect you in the event of a dispute.

A business litigation lawyer can also help ensure that the rights and needs of a specific business are protected–and that your reputation does not get tarnished any more than necessary by the challenges you may have to deal with as you manage a dispute.

When business owners are involved in a lawsuit, a bad situation becomes much worse after the deadline to respond is over. It is important to begin working with an experienced business litigation attorney as soon as possible, so you can begin to move forward.


A business litigation attorney focuses on providing services in cases like:


Cases in which a business has conducted dishonest or illegal activities with the goal of increasing the financial status of the parties involved. You may face fraud charges because of dishonest or illegal activities on the part of your business, or you may need to file a case against another business or entity that has committed an act of fraud against you. A business litigation lawyer can help build a case for fraud against another entity or help protect your business against accusations of fraud.

Partnership Disputes

Even in cases where you clearly laid out the responsibilities and needs of both partners in your initial contract, you may find yourself in a dispute about the authority of one partner, the business’s direction and goals, or the business’s finances. Those disputes can quickly turn into a snarl that makes it incredibly difficult for you or your business to move forward. A business litigation attorney can help you navigate those issues, check your contract, and reach a resolution.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes may occur for a variety of reasons, but they boil down to one common concern: one shareholder, or group of shareholders, has a key disagreement with another, often about issues like the company’s direction or financial challenges, including the way those shareholders are compensated for their contributions. A business litigation attorney can help oversee and manage those disputes, whether you feel, as a shareholder, that your rights have been ignored, or if you need to protect yourself or the business during a shareholder dispute.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

In many types of business, the business has a duty to act in the best interest of the client–not necessarily in its own best interest. A breach of fiduciary duty occurs when the principal entity fails to act in the best interests of the other, often resulting in financial challenges or a loss of resources. A business litigation attorney can help represent you in these vital cases.

Non-Compete Agreement Disputes

Non-compete agreements are often signed when someone comes on with a new company. Those agreements can prevent them from working for specific competitors or opening their own, similar business in a nearby geographic area for a period of time following the termination of those contracts. In order to enforce a non-compete, however, it may need to meet specific legal terms–and sometimes, non-compete agreements are simply unrealistic or difficult for the individual to follow. A business litigation attorney can help represent you as you navigate disputes over non-compete agreements, particularly if harm is caused to a business through that competition.

Trade Secret Disclosures

When trade secrets are disclosed, it can cause immense harm to the business. Unfortunately, trade secrets sometimes make their way out. Following a trade secret disclosure, a business litigation attorney can represent your business or you as an entity and help ensure that your rights are protected.

Employment Disputes

Claims of harassment and discrimination in employment can cause serious trouble for the business, especially if you aren’t sure how to navigate them safely. A business litigation attorney can help you manage employment disputes, whether you feel that you have faced harassment or discrimination or you need to defend against your business’s actions.


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