Commercial real estate disputes are stressful and disruptive. Lease agreements, zoning issues, construction defects, and property management disputes can all lead to commercial real estate disputes. 

With the help of a commercial real estate lawyer, you navigate even the most complex commercial real estate disputes with the expertise and knowledge of Sul Lee Law Firm. You can count on receiving the law firm’s highest legal representation and support. 

You can rest assured that the customer-focused approach is designed to ensure that your interests are protected.

A Property Conflict Attorney Can Help

Location is a critical factor in determining whether someone’s business is thriving. As a result, commercial real estate is usually a significant business expense, and any property disputes can be highly contested and costly. 

Our commercial estate attorneys achieve positive results for buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants no matter what your dispute involves. We handle disputes concerning: 

  • Office space
  • Development property
  • Retail space
  • Industrial plant

Dealing with a real estate problem can be a serious business burden. You can focus on the successful operation of your business while ensuring that any commercial real estate disputes are being handled to the highest standards. We work with:

  • Property owners
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Real estate developers
  • Investors
  • Commercial lenders
  • Landlords

The Sul Lee team strives to end disputes before they become expensive and time-consuming problems by utilizing effective negotiation and mediation. Moreover, the firm has extensive experience in commercial litigation when it is necessary to go to court.

The firm represents companies of all sizes in disputes involving:

  • Lease terms: The firm represents landlords and tenants in cases where one party alleges that the other violated the lease or where lease language is interpreted differently. 
  • Contractor and construction disputes: Our attorneys strongly support property owners, contractors, and subcontractors during insurance claims and litigation.
  • Land use and zoning: We offer clients expert legal advice about zoning and land use regulations. In addition, an attorney represents you in hearings to obtain variances or code revisions that maximize the use of your property.
  • Commercial evictions: You can evict a business for rent arrears if there is unpaid rent or some lease violation with the help of an experienced attorney. We also defend tenants against unjust evictions.
  • Boundaries and easements: You can never realize the benefits of a real estate investment if a business does not have complete control over its property. The firm litigates on behalf of clients when property boundaries and easements differ based on a detailed review of relevant records.
  • Foreclosure and collection of mortgages: Many rules govern collection and foreclosure actions. An attorney explains each side’s legal rights and restrictions in these situations.  
  • Real estate transactions: The team advises potential clients about legal recourse when real estate transactions are allegedly fraudulent or mishandled.

Commercial property disputes rarely go away on their own, but an experienced commercial real estate lawyer can honestly assess each side’s claim and advise you on the best course of action.

Sul Lee Law Firm’s Commercial Real Estate Dispute Services

We aim to identify the best solution so the change does not negatively impact your business. It may involve:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Alternative dispute resolution (arbitration)

Throughout the process, the team will be with you every step of the way, providing clear, concise advice to help you make an informed decision. Due to the stress and expense of going to court, we will explore all options before going to court. 

However, if all else fails, we are prepared to go to court to resolve the dispute. Commercial real estate litigation is our expertise, and we’ll vigorously pursue a favorable result on your behalf.  

As a customer-oriented firm, the team strives to handle each commercial real estate dispute on a personal level. Working with our team means:

Expert Legal Representation with a Client-focused Approach

Experienced commercial real estate attorneys can offer expert guidance on your case. We will develop a legal strategy that protects your interests while achieving the best possible outcome.

The goals and challenges of every client are unique. Therefore, a client-centered approach allows us to provide tailored legal guidance and support based on our knowledge of you and your business. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way to get you the desired results.

Cost-effective Solutions with Full-Service Legal Support

In complex commercial real estate disputes, legal fees can add up quickly. But depending on your goals and budget, we will develop an appropriate fee structure. When you are facing a commercial real estate dispute, our team of experienced lawyers can assist you, from negotiations and mediation to litigation and appeals. 

If you need help with property damage, lease disputes, zoning issues, or any other legal challenge, Sul Lee Law Firm can help.

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