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A business contract covers drafting, problem-solving, and negotiation and offers advice when a deal goes wrong. To top it off, it must be informative and reassuring to both parties before they commit to signing the contract.

Sul Lee PLLC’s legal team has helped companies across several industries negotiate and document commercial agreements – contracts that have helped launch, distribute, and market countless products and services.

Our firm has witnessed and celebrated successful commercial relationships lasting over a decade. In contrast, we have also observed ill-fated relationships resulting from poorly written agreements, underperforming commercial partners, and unexpected contract clauses.

Working with an experienced business contract disputes lawyer gives you a definitive guide to resolving business contract disputes. When faced with a dispute over a business contract, we can handle it for you.

Dallas Business Contract Disputes Lawyer Services

Contracts establish relationships between your business and its clients, employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, and other companies. Ideally, an agreement should:

  • Embrace unexpected change and support rapid alignment and productivity
  • Assist disputing parties in solving problems together rather than facing a protracted dispute
  • Embrace the ever-changing, digitally speeded, modern marketplace with your business

The key to a successful company contract is clearly defining every party’s responsibility and protecting your interests. But disputes can arise when parties disagree over what the contractual language means or intends. Our Dallas contract dispute attorneys will represent your interests in and out of court when your contractual rights are violated.

Our team helps businesses throughout Texas with the following:

  • Defining, interpreting, and defending contracts
  • Legally enforcing violated contract agreements
  • A thorough review of proposed contractual language for clarity and enforceability before signing any documents before they become actionable disputes

Contact our Dallas contract dispute lawyers for help with any type of dispute, including:

Interpretation Disputes

The ideal contract will clearly define the duties and obligations of each party and leave no room for interpretation. Sometimes, different parties may interpret one or more elements of an agreement differently.

When an efficient dispute resolution is not possible, courts may be necessary. Texas courts often adjudicate these cases based solely on the contract’s language, but sometimes they consider factors outside the contract.

We aggressively represent your interests no matter what interpretation dispute you have.

Payment Disputes

Nonpayment often leads to conflicts, making it essential that a contract clearly describes the terms, conditions, and schedule of payments. Also included in the document should be all applicable local payment regulations, such as the Texas Prompt Pay Act.

Even if the written agreement doesn’t explicitly address cases of defective materials or shoddy quality, there are situations in which payment can be withheld. Where necessary, Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC helps you pursue legal action and negotiate compensation issues.

Actual Breaches

Dallas is a diverse, fast-paced economy that heavily depends on insurance, banking, construction, and IT business contracts. If contracts are poorly drafted, one or more parties may suffer significant losses.

But our business contracts dispute attorneys act quickly to reinstate the agreement or seek compensation for the harm caused. We assist Dallas-based businesses facing severe and significant losses because of a breach of contract.

The state of Texas is among the few that allows a successful plaintiff to seek recovery of reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in a breach of contract case. The aggrieved party must demand fees and expenses before litigation arises to recover these costs.

Partnership Disputes

We help partners reach a consensus when disagreements arise because a conflict between business partners could adversely affect the operation of a business and could be detrimental to its short-term and long-term success.

Whether it’s partnership agreements or employment contracts, we minimize the odds of a partnership dispute.

Non-disclosure Agreement Violations

To protect trade secrets, proprietary information, and other forms of intellectual property, many companies use non-disclosure agreements. A former employee, vendor, or other entity breaches their contract by violating a non-disclosure agreement and may limit your business opportunity.

Turn to us if your non-disclosure agreement has been violated and you want to explore all legal options.

Anticipatory Breaches

In any contract, if one party unconditionally fails to perform under the contract at the promised time, the contract may be broken (“breached”). This is a “repudiation” of a contract in the legal world.

Either party can claim a breach of contract as soon as one party indicates, through words or actions, that it will not fulfill its contractual obligations. Moreover, you can seek compensation, and that’s where our legal counsel steps in.

Tortious Interference

Vendors, distributors, agents, insurers, lenders, and subcontractors are among the many relationships that most businesses rely on. The wrongful interference of a third party–Tortious Interference–can seriously damage your business, whether you have a formal contract or a handshake arrangement with another entity or individual.

You have a legal remedy when someone unfairly disrupts your business relationships, such as by enticing an essential vendor to break its agreement.

Non-compete Agreement Violations

A non-compete agreement prevents the accidental dissemination of sensitive information and company trade secrets. In Texas, non-compete agreements can be enforced if they are “reasonable.”

To ensure that non-compete agreements are enforceable under Texas law, we review the language in the agreements. If a former employee refuses to abide by the contract terms, our firm assists you with enforcement efforts.

Contact Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC for Your Business Contract Disputes

Dispute resolution must be straightforward for businesses. There is a need to resolve disputes that impact business operations and relationships as quickly as possible. But this has not always been possible because of the complex legal and procedural rules surrounding formal conflict resolution, such as judicial adjudication or court trials in the global business world.

To prevent future delays and costs, businesses should be cautious when drafting dispute resolution clauses. Get in touch with us today to find out how our legal services and contract law experience can help you resolve your dispute.

The Sul Lee Law Firm, PLLC assists clients throughout Dallas and the rest of Texas who are dealing with business contract disputes. We have helped clients in Plano, Richardson, Fort Worth, Irving, Frisco, Carrollton, Taylor, Garland County, and Collin County overcome business contractual disputes while protecting their rights and advising them along the way.