Employment Law

Employment law protects the rights of employees and ensures they are treated fairly by their employers. Employment law covers all aspects of an employer-employee relationship to guarantee a conducive working environment. Within the employment law there are many regulations:
– Workplace safety and health
– Employee conduct and attendance
– Anti-harassment and non-discrimination
– Wages and pensions
– Leave and time off benefits
– Meal and break periods
– Family and medical leave
– Unemployment compensation

A business needs to have proper workplace policies and forms to avoid getting into legal problems. A Dallas business law attorney can help you achieve this goal effectively. Employers must maintain certain records to comply with employment law. Some of the forms you need to consider are:
– Hiring forms
– Consent to a background check
– Performance and discipline
– Reasonable accommodation requests
– Business expenses
– Leave of absence
– Receipt of company property

Benefits of Proper Workplace Policies and Forms

The primary purpose of employment law is to ensure all parties in a business receive fair treatment. By having proper workplace policies and forms, both you and your employees will better understand obligations and rights. This will ensure workflow efficiency. The following table shows the benefits of having proper workplace policies and forms for both the employer and the employee.

Benefits to Employer
Improves productivity and efficiency when workers feel safe
Protects the business from legal risks and harm to reputation by avoiding lawsuits, penalties, and fines
Attracts and retains top talent when employees feel respected and safe
Enhances the business reputation and brand image, leading to customer loyalty and better public perception

By following the employment law and having proper workplace policies and forms for your business, you create a stable and warm working environment conducive to growth and success.

Common Employment Laws

While it may be challenging to follow various employment laws and regulations, we can guide you. Examples of the common employment laws in the United States are the following:

Wage and Benefits

  • Overtime compensation: Represents the amount stated by the government that an employer ought to pay an employee for working more than 40 hours a week (depending on employee classification).
  • Minimum wage: Represents the lowest amount you can pay an employee (depending on the state or county).
  • Fair Labor Standards Act: Sets standards for minimum hourly wages, overtime pay eligibility, recordkeeping, and minor work standard.

Employment Discrimination

  • Title VII (Civil Rights Act): Protects workers from discrimination based on national origin, sex, color, race, and religion.
  • Equal pay act: Protects employees from benefit and wage discrimination.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act: Requires employers to provide a reasonable environment suitable for employees with disabilities.

  Health and Safety

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act: Establishes specific standards that help minimize dangers in the workplace.
  • Environmental hazards: Restricts the presence of health hazards in the workplace that can adversely affect an employee’s health.
  • Occupational disease: Covers any disease associated with a particular worker environment.

As employer defense lawyers, we handle:

  • State Labor Administration wage disputes and defenses / Texas Workforce Commission disputes (TWC Complaints)
  • Unpaid wages dispute and audit
  • EEOC claims and disputes
  • Employment litigation
  • Civil lawsuits and claims related to unfair dismissal, discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment
  • Defend litigation and claims relating to minimum wage and overtime wages, unpaid wages, and break time
  • OSHA Compliance -related claims and advice
  • In-House Company Policy Training
  • Preparation of employment contract
  • Employment handbook
  • Legal Advisory Service regarding HR policies, Hiring and Firing policies

Do You Need a Dallas Employer Lawyer?

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