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Contracts act as the conduit that defines the duties and obligations of one party toward another. Additionally, they act as written proof that a relationship or transaction existed. A contract also expresses how the resources and time of both entities shall be used under Texas contract law.

It’s for the above-referenced reasons that properly drafting a contract is critical to the success of your business and professional relationships. At Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC, you can retain the professional mastery of a Dallas contracts attorney to assist you in drafting the following types of documents:

• Employment Contracts
Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Equipment Lease and Sale Agreements
• Buy-Sell Agreements
• Partnership Agreements
• Shareholder Agreements
• Operating Agreements

You can discuss your contract drafting needs during an initial consultation with a Dallas contracts team member at Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC by calling (214) 206-4064 or submitting a request via our online contact form.

A Diverse Team of American and Korean Business Lawyers in Dallas

Not only can our team of American and Korean business lawyers in Dallas, Texas, help you create a rock-solid business contract, but we also command the experience and finesse that contract drafting requires when working across international borders. We can customize a solution that protects your interests while taking into account the unique challenges of conducting business in Texas.

Better Contracts for Better Relationships

A contract that doesn’t address the unique issues of your business is only worth the paper it’s written on. Your company likely makes several agreements based on the contract. Therefore, it’s critical to hire a Dallas contracts attorney that possesses a keen understanding of drafting, reviewing, interpretation, and dispute management.

When you hire Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC, you are retaining the power and insight of a strategic partner to assist you in creating practical and relevant solutions that matter to your business the most.

Creating Value and Minimizing Disputes

A well-drafted contract clearly defines expectations, but it can also act as a preventative measure in terms of minimizing disputes. Our firm is positioned to maximize the value of your contract while considering the bigger picture of potential conflicts.

We customize and develop a document that creates value in your relationships and a sense of direction for your business. Don’t leave things to chance by using an inadequate substitution.

If a dispute arises, you can count on our legal team to stand by your side and unwaveringly defend the same contract we wrote based on the given circumstances. It’s our guarantee to you.

We’ve Got Your Back

Do you need assistance in drafting a contract for your business or professional relationships? Please contact a Dallas contracts attorney at Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC to develop a new or update an old agreement or contract which is still active. You can schedule an initial consultation by calling (214) 206-4064 or submitting a request via our online contact form.