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International Business Law

Today, business is no longer confined to domestic markets because global competition and world events affect even the smallest local firms. But doing business internationally has many legal implications and challenges, and International Business Law provides comprehensive coverage of these issues.

You must address cultural, political, economic, and ethical issues in today’s global business. Our team can help you navigate significant business forms in a foreign country, including international trade law, licensing, and foreign direct investment.

As part of our international law services, we will help you better understand legal relationships between parties in international business transactions, managing risks, and the unique challenges related to conducting business in emerging economies.

If this sounds complicated, don’t be alarmed. We understand that the concept of international business can be overwhelming to many. That’s why the team at Sul Lee Law Firm is here to help you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Let’s Take Your Business Across the Borders

International sourcing and international sales of goods and services present opportunities and risks to all companies as global business become more prevalent. With a global outlook and reach, our firm assists you in leveraging these opportunities and managing risks effectively in international transactions.

Arbitration and mediation are two processes our Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC team is well versed in International Business Law. At Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC, our team offers guidance, ensures the security of your contracts, and provides forums and clauses that will ensure your agreements are protected and secure.

Coupled with our transactional and regulatory expertise, we have effective relationships with local legal resources in key international markets. Texas has unique challenges when conducting business, which we consider when developing a solution that protects your interests.

Our team is devoted to your success, and we are here to support you in any way possible. We will ensure that the process of transferring your business to international markets will be efficient and effective.

What We Can Do to Help Your Foreign Business

A business law attorney specializing in international business law can benefit international companies, particularly U.S. companies when dealing with foreign regulations and laws. With our help, you can navigate various business procedures and make informed decisions.

Besides helping you create a rock-solid contract for your business, our American and Korean business lawyers in Dallas, Texas, provide the experience and finesse that drafting an agreement across international borders requires.

Among the top attorneys at our firm, Sul Lee is a native Korean speaker and is well-versed in Korean culture and Texas business law. Her expertise allows her to assist her clients with the opening and running of successful businesses in Texas and navigating legal issues.

Among the many International Business Law services we offer at Sul Lee PLLC Firm are:

  • Establishing international businesses
  • Drafting international contracts
  • Licensing and distribution agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Contract disputes
  • Business planning
  • Corporate transactions
  • Contracts with foreign manufacturers
  • Employment contracts
  • Non-compete agreements
  • International investments
  • Business structuring

As an experienced firm with in-depth knowledge of business and international laws, we provide reliable legal representation. Our team understands your business decisions are crucial, and we work tirelessly to protect them.

If you have more questions or want to start working with us, please contact us today.

Enjoy Experienced Legal Counsel

An experienced Dallas International Business Law attorney is vital to the success of your international business. The lack of legal counsel could expose your business to many potential legal problems. It could be anything from a breach of contract to intellectual property theft.

The Sul Lee PLLC team offers you the following benefits as your international business grows:

  • A sound business strategy: Business operations in a foreign country are fraught with legal challenges which many don’t anticipate. With our expertise, we’ll guide you through crucial decisions that will affect your business’s future.
  • Developing comprehensive contracts: Airtight contracts should be a part of every business agreement. Otherwise, you may encounter legal problems over time. Our contract review and drafting services ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • Anticipate risk: The risk associated with running a business is inevitable. It’s best to anticipate these risks and provide the proper mitigation procedures. Our team of experts will analyze your business risks to ensure you’re not caught off guard.
  • Dispute resolution: Our lawyers can intervene in disputes with vendors, clients, or business partners on your behalf. It may involve drafting contracts or agreements. If mediation isn’t possible, we can sue on your behalf.

Let our Dallas International Business Law attorneys help you make the right decisions if you are considering doing business internationally.

Get in Touch With a Local Dallas Counsel for International Business

With an experienced attorney, you can focus on running your international business with peace of mind. We at Sul Lee PLLC have a wealth of experience in helping clients navigate the complex world of international business law, and we can guide you toward the right decisions that will lead to a successful future.

At Sul Lee Law Firm, we aim to provide you with understandable solutions to your most challenging business problems. Our expertise in Texas business law helps you explore your options. We assure you that you are in good hands when you consult with our firm and that our expertise in business law can solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Located in Northwest Dallas, we serve clients in Dallas County, Collin County, Denton County, and surrounding areas. Among our clients are Korean companies and individuals conducting business in Texas. Get in touch with us at 469-663-9737 to schedule a consultation.


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