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All businesses go through cycles, enjoying periods of success and fulfillment and at times having to endure periods of downturns, which test even the most resilient of companies. Fortunately, when these companies have a Dallas corporate lawyer helping them get through these periods, they can maximize their prosperous cycles and help them minimize the outcomes of their cyclical downturns.


One great thing about having a Dallas corporate lawyer on your team is these attorneys are there to help you throughout your corporation’s life. For instance, before the company comes into existence, these attorneys guide the business owners through the different entity structures and help them decide how to form their business. Then, as the company continues to grow and prosper, the lawyer ensures that the company stays in compliance, helps structure deals, and resolves any disputes that arise. Finally, the corporate lawyer can help the owners dissolve the corporation at the end of the company’s life.

Our Dallas corporate law attorneys provide a comprehensive host of legal services including:

• Contract drafting and dispute management
• Resolving breach of contract actions
• Texas business formations and dissolutions
• Business litigation representation and counsel
• Partnership dispute resolution and litigation
• Patents, trademarks, and intellectual property services
• Korean-American business law services for multi-cultural clients


A Dallas corporate lawyer can handle all aspects of examining, negotiating, and drafting legal contract agreements, while making sure these agreements are in accordance with state laws and the client’s demands.


Usually, corporate lawyers help businesses try to avoid litigation. Yet, if the company is facing a lawsuit, no matter whether they are suing another party or are being sued, an experienced corporate lawyer can represent them through it all. These attorneys have the experience, skills, and knowledge to prepare the strongest legal case on the company’s behalf and fight for the resolution the enterprise needs.


A Dallas corporate attorney can represent companies across various industries that are involved in different types of disputes, such as copyright infringement, trademark infringement, patent disputes, securities fraud, and other types of intellectual property matters.

Additionally, these lawyers can serve as advisors, counseling business clients about intellectual property matters, such as preparing documents needed to file trademarks or copyrights and then working with patent and trademark offices to attain these patents and trademarks for the company.


Depending on the company, a Dallas corporate lawyer can serve as general counsel for the business. In this role, the corporate lawyer’s job will encompass many areas of different laws, including trademark protection, merger and acquisition activity, and even labor and employment reinforcement.


In Texas, corporate law is a broad area of law, which generally centers around matters involving obligations, rights, and duties of care expected of managers, operators, and owners of a business.

Due to these numerous complex issues that result from corporate law, it is recommended that businesses retain experienced legal counsel to assist them as they embark on their business journey. These lawyers can help enterprises in all aspects of the business cycle, from forming companies to creating contracts, moving assets around, and assisting clients in selling or buying businesses. In addition, they can:

• Handle mergers and acquisitions that arise by conducting due diligence, drafting, negotiating, and generally overseeing any deals that come up that involve the business merging with another business or acquiring another company.

• Deal with corporate governance or rather help clients create the framework for how the firm is controlled and directed. This often involves drafting articles of incorporation, advising directors and officers of their responsibilities, creating bylaws, and going over other policies used to manage the company.

• Assist startups or existing corporations at finding capital to build or expand the business.

• Advise their clients on securities law compliance, which often involves helping them understand complicated regulations aimed at insider trading, market manipulation, and preventing fraud.

Outside Counsel in Texas You Can Count On

At Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC, our Dallas business lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to offer your team the legal counsel it needs to conduct business in Texas lawfully. We invite you to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about how we can help you by calling (214) 206-4064 or sending us a message via our online contact form.


No matter if you are a small local business or a large company, a skilled Dallas corporate lawyer can help. We understand what your business needs and we will work as legal counsel to help your business grow. Do not wait any longer to get the legal assistance you require. Instead, reach out to a top-rated Dallas corporate lawyer today and let these legal professionals answer any questions you have and go over how they can meet your business needs.

Contact us today to discuss your corporation’s legal needs.

In addition to holistic legal services for the corporate climate, Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC has a unique understanding of industries that are most relevant to Texas businesses and their owners. Clients have come to trust our unique position to establish greater credibility during negotiations or litigation.

We deploy every resource available to understand your organization’s specific needs. It’s our mission to mitigate your exposure to liability and loss when dealing with investors, partners, and other vested parties with professional interests.



Corporate lawyers generally spend their time negotiating business deals, dealing with legal analysis, drafting contracts, and advising on issues. As a result, these lawyers do not frequently go to court. However, if negotiations fail or other legal issues arise that make litigation unavoidable, these corporate lawyers will head to the courtroom to fight for their clients.


A corporate lawyer is often tasked with safeguarding the legality of commercial transactions, representing businesses, and advising them and their employees on their legal duties and responsibilities. These attorneys are also responsible for structuring transactions, drafting documents, attending corporate meetings, and negotiating deals. Plus, they are also trusted with ensuring that provisions of an agreement are unambiguous, explicit, and will not cause a problem for the business in the future.


There are numerous benefits to having a fractional general counsel for your business. One of the most important benefits though, is that since most small businesses don’t need to have full-time, in-house counsel, the fractional approach allows them to have the benefit of legal counsel but only when they need it.


A Strategic Partner that Grows with Your Organization

Many business owners elect to bring in an attorney after a dispute or conflict arises. However, agile companies are better poised to triumph and reduce potential losses by incorporating corporate legal services before problems appear.

Not only do you have a trusted partner to call upon in emergency situations, but you can also leverage the historical knowledge that your outside corporate counsel possesses. Don’t wait until an issue gets out of hand and heads for litigation.

And if it does, Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC will stand by your side using aggressive techniques that protect your interests.

Schedule an Initial Consultation with a Dallas Corporate Law Attorney

If you are considering the legal implications and aspects of business entity formation and management, enlist the power of a strategic legal partner found in Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC. We invite your team to discuss your options with a Dallas corporate law attorney. Schedule an initial consultation today by calling (214) 206-4064 or sending us a request via our online contact form.


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