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By Yuri Han
Junior Attorney

Patents play a crucial role in both protecting intellectual property and fostering innovation. They grant inventors exclusive rights to their creations, allowing them to reap the rewards of their hard work and investment. 

However, the complex nature of patents and the competitive nature of business can lead to disputes over intellectual property rights and costly legal battles to resolve those disputes. Here’s a look at what leads to these disputes and how you can head litigation off in the past.

What is Patent Litigation? 

Patent litigation refers to legal disputes involving the infringement or validity of patents. When a patent holder believes that another party has made, used, sold, or imported their patented invention without permission, they may file a lawsuit in federal court to enforce their rights.

Causes of Patent Litigation

Understanding the common triggers and factors contributing to legal disputes over intellectual property rights is critical for effectively addressing patent litigation. 

Patent Infringement 

Patent infringement is the most common cause of patent litigation. Infringement refers to when a party makes, uses, sells, or imports a patented invention without the patent holder’s permission. Infringement can be intentional, with competitors deliberately copying or reverse-engineering patented technologies to gain an advantage in the market. However, it can also be unintentional, resulting from a lack of awareness or understanding of existing patents in the field.

Unclear or Overly Broad Patents 

Another factor contributing to patent litigation is the presence of unclear or overly broad patents. Patent claims that are ambiguous or cover a wide range of applications can lead to different interpretations and disputes over the scope of protection. This ambiguity can be exploited by patent trolls, who acquire broad patents to assert them against multiple parties and extract settlements or licensing fees.

Disagreements Over Patent Ownership or Licensing

Patent litigation can also arise from disagreements over patent ownership or licensing. Joint development agreements, collaboration contracts, and licensing deals can create complex relationships and obligations between parties. When disputes emerge over the terms of these agreements or the rights and responsibilities of each party, litigation may become necessary to resolve the conflict and determine the proper allocation of intellectual property rights.

Strategies for Preventing Patent Litigation

Implementing proactive strategies for patent protection mitigates the risk of litigation and strengthens your company’s position in the competitive marketplace.

Conducting Thorough Patent Searches

One of the most effective ways to prevent patent litigation is to conduct thorough patent searches before developing or launching new products. By researching existing patents in the relevant field, companies can identify potential risks and make informed decisions about their product development strategies. Patent databases and professional search services can help uncover prior art (existing intellectual property) and assess the likelihood of infringement claims.

Strengthening Patent Applications 

To reduce the risk of litigation, it’s crucial to work with experienced patent attorneys to draft clear and specific patent claims. Well-written patent applications should provide detailed descriptions and illustrations to support the claimed invention, anticipating potential challenges or objections during the examination process. Companies can better defend their intellectual property rights and deter potential infringers by preparing solid and enforceable patents.

Mitigating Rising Tensions 

In addition to legal strategies, fostering open communication and collaboration can help mitigate the risk of patent disputes. Building positive relationships with competitors, industry partners, and stakeholders can create a more cooperative environment in which litigation is a last resort rather than a first. Patent attorneys can play a valuable role in facilitating negotiations, finding common ground, and developing mutually beneficial solutions.

Handling Patent Litigation with Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC

If you’re concerned about the risk of patent litigation or need help protecting your patent, the experienced attorneys at Sul Lee Law Firm PLLC are here to help. Our team deeply understands patent law and has a proven record of helping clients navigate complex intellectual property issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you protect your valuable intellectual property.

About the Author
Upon receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations from the Ohio State University, Yuri decided to pursue her law degree. Thereafter, she attended the Baylor University Law School. Yuri was raised in South Korea and speaks fluent Korean.