A Glimpse Into Your Future

As an intern or clerk, you won’t be fetching coffee or standing on the sidelines. You’ll be an integral part of our team, contributing to cases that matter. Your input will be valued, your opinions considered, and your growth prioritized.

Your time with us isn’t just about the present–it’s an investment in your future. Many of our former interns and clerks have gone on to become successful attorneys within our firm and beyond. The skills you develop here will serve as a strong foundation for your legal career. Our commitment to your growth goes beyond the duration of your internship or clerkship. We provide ongoing support, mentorship, and professional development opportunities to ensure that your potential is fully realized.

Why Sul Lee PLLC?

At Sul Lee Law Firm, we believe that law students play an integral role in our mission. As a boutique firm specializing in Business, Commercial Real Estate, Litigation, and Intellectual Property Law, we’ve built a reputation for excellence that spans diverse clients, from dynamic startups to global corporations. This rich tapestry of clients reflects the vibrant culture of our firm.

Your Opportunity

At Sul Lee Law Firm, we understand that legal education is just the beginning of your journey. Our firm opens the door to a world of opportunities where you can apply your classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios. Whether you’re looking for an internship, clerkship, or a chance to work alongside our esteemed legal professionals, we’re eager to meet the next generation of legal innovators. If you have a keen interest in Business Law and a passion for serving clients, especially those with entrepreneurial visions, we’d love to hear from you.

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